Puppy Agility Equipment

puppy agility equipment

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puppy agility equipment - 18' Dog

18' Dog Agility Training Tunnel

18' Dog Agility Training Tunnel

Length: 18 feet long; User can set it up to be shorter than 18' without affecting function

Opening: 24" in diameter, meets NADAC and AKC 24" opening specifications

Material: made of tough 210D waterproof nylon; 210D nylon is among the toughest nylon material on the market right now. It is durable, tear resistant and static free.

Rings are made of steel (not plastic), which keeps tunnel in perfect round shape, and will not break.

Orange color patches are stitched along both sides of the tunnels, so you can put stakes through them to loop the tunnel around into any shape you want, and to keep the tunnel steady on the ground.

82% (13)

dog shaped.

dog shaped.

she is still a leggy thing, but is starting to look a little more dog-ish and a little less lanky puppy-ish. i'm still not sure what she will end up looking like as an adult, wish i could see what her siblings look like now!

june will be officially six months old on friday, the 21st. so hard to believe. she has been to two agility classes so far, and she is doing great. she takes the tunnel very seriously! actually, she doesn't like to go through it because she can't see me. she prefers if the instructor holds her and i go to the other end and call her, but she will go through on her own after a while. she is by far the youngest in the class, so the instructors feel this is a normal reaction and she will eventually get over her reluctance to let me out of her sight! the only other piece of "equipment" we have done so far is the bouja board, or wobble board. as expected, june loves the hell out of that thing! the rest of the dogs were a bit afraid and would only step a paw or two on it before hopping off again. june jumped right on it, found her balance quickly, and started offering behaviors whie wobbling on the board. you want a sit? how about a high five? maybe a spin or two? no problem!

i can't wait to try her on some of the other stuff. can you imagine, june on the dog walk? she will own it! unfortunately, we don't have class this week due to the instructor being away on a judging assignment.

40/52 - First Jumping Quali

40/52 - First Jumping Quali

Well this week's photo will always be a favorite for me :-) After a two year break from agility (training and trialling) we entered a trial yesterday and Chazer got his first jumping quali. At the club where he does trick training they had a fun night with some puppy agility equipment set up and he had so much fun I decided to give it a go, and have now hopefully found somewhere to train him as well.

puppy agility equipment

puppy agility equipment

Portable 18' 18 FT Feet Long Pet Dog Puppy Cat Agility Tunnel Equipment Tool Obedience Exercise Training with Carry Case Blue

You are viewing a 18 feet dog agility practice tunnel. This durable tunnel is designed to train, exercise, and entertain your pet. Navy Blue-best color for dogs! Made by UV prevented 600D Dacron (not cheap 400D) withstands your pet's running and scratching. Its light-weight storage design is perfect for backyard practice or outdoor training. You can take it to anywhere in the carrying case with your lovely pet!
Free Frisbee add more fun. Have a blast with your new tunne
Brand New in Package and Ready to Ship
Color: Navy Blue
Length: 18 feet
Entrance Diameter: 24"
Meets NADAC and AKC opening specifications
Material: 600D Dacron
Water Resistant/Repellent
UV Prevented Material for Safe Outdoor Training
Sturdy Padded spring steel construction
Mounting Stakes for Better Standing
Easy to connect this tunnel to other tunnels with connecting belts
Portable Collapses Down for Easy Compact storage & Travel
Carry Case with Handles as a Free Gift!
Package Included:
1x 18 feet Training Tunnel
12x Metal Mounting Stakes
2x Connecting Belts
1 set Connecting Belt
1x Frisbee
1x Carrying Case
We also have seat cover and matched harness! You can drive your lovely pets to anywhere for better outdoor training! Welcome shop!!

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